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Celebrating Dress Up Your Pet Day... Trek-style

Celebrating Dress Up Your Pet Day... Trek-style

Happy Dress Up Your Pet Day, everyone! In order to celebrate the occasion, invited fans to share, on our Facebook page, pics of their pets in Star Trek attire. Many of you took us up on the invitation, and here are some of our favorites, which include a few shots of pets with Trek names rather than in Trek gear:

Cece Pitts Henderson --  This is our dog Karma Chibi. I'm not too sure if she likes Star Trek but she has been assimilated. LLAP.

Kyleigh Fowler --  I'm not sure if he likes it or not... but his name is Worf, son of Mogh.

Jami Lyn -- My mom's three Trek pups: Delilah/Uhura, Dylan/Spock, and Chase/Kirk

Alan David Harrison -- This is a photo of Odo. He passed away a few years back. He was a wonderful dog and partial to Deep Space Nine.

Anita Ansamaa -- When I brought him home from the shelter, he laid down on the other end of the sofa from me after having a pretty tentative look around. I leaned over and asked him if he'd like to named Percival Tiberius McCoy? He licked my forehead and gave me a headbutt. My Mother witnessed this and said, "No one will ever believe you!" Percy has his Kirk days. Percy has his Bones days, but he's all awesome.

Kris Kallies -- This is my cat Spot. Yes, named after Data's cat. He responds in the episodes where Spot is a character.

Jennifer Artesi -- My Loki gave this miniature Klingon warrior an honorable death.

Brian Erin Proosow -- This is Riker, our 9-month-old newfoundland, sitting at the table playing the Game of Life, Pirates of the Caribbean edition. Big dogs play to win.

Astrid Rose -- My birds are named Quark, Data, and Spock. Is that Trek enough?

Amelia Siemsen Moran -- This is Geordi. He is a blind black cat... He does own a VISOR, but only wears it on special occasions

Michelle Lee Anne -- Our new kitten Spock playing with a Tribble

Lucy Angel Eames -- Spock with Spock :) (One of my many Trek named ratties)

Constance-Marie Hall -- My little one got a collar and Tribble for Christmas!

Veronica Bigio Maupin -- My cat got an Ugly Doll Kirk for Christmas.

Kara Richelle Jones -- LOL, he's never seen it, but his name is Tiberius!

Debra Carey-Knox Ensign -- Northstar Rascal reporting for duty

Montse Mons -- My dog ??was called Trekky.

Helena Blankespoor -- Mr. Sulu snuggling with his Tribble and Capt. Bear

Eva Streich -- Loves it!