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Celebrating Captain Picard Day

Celebrating Captain Picard Day

Everybody knows what today is, right? It's Captain Picard Day, the most-awesome, if ridculously unlikely holiday ever for a man who always seemed pained in the presence of children. And yet, there Jean-Luc stood each year, judging a contest in which the kids aboard the Enterprise crafted models and paintings of... him. It amused Troi greatly and Riker teased him mercilessly about it, creating great, memorable moments for fans of The Next Generation. And so, thanks to the power of the gif, let's celebrate Captain Picard Day.

The classic TNG scene that got us all started.

Just because the Captain was on a mission doesn't mean he couldn't have fun...

Classic Picard

And not-so-serious Picard...

There's a reason why Picard is Captain...

Is the cool, calm and collected Captain uncomfortable with the ladies?


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