Revenge. The pursuit of it will keep you warm at night, which is helpful if you’ve been marooned in a barren wasteland for 15 years by a so-called benevolent United Federation of Planets. Since proper vengeance sometimes takes time, Star Trek is here to help. Behold: the first of three lists of episodes from across the Star Trek universe that prove that holding a grudge and administering a comeuppance can be the sweetest thing in any timeline. 

Star Trek: The Original Series: "The Conscience of the King" (Season One, Episode Thirteen)

Captain Kirk (The Original Series) stands next to Kodos, and holds out a piece of paper to him.
"The Conscience of the King"

A cocktail party in space sets the groundwork for long-delayed justice. “Is that a Shakespearean actor I see before me?” Captain Kirk wonders, or is it Kodos the Executioner, whose vile acts demand retribution. 

Star Trek: The Next Generation: "Datalore" (Season One, Episode Thirteen)

Data and Lore stand in one of the hallways on the Enterprise-D. Data stands to the left, and Lore is on the right. Lore is gesturing and smiling, while Data has a neutral expression.

Data discovers his lost android sibling, Lore, which is not the family reunion you might expect. One Crystalline Entity and explosion of long-gestating wrath later, the Enterprise’s very survival is at stake.

Star Trek: The Next Generation: "I, Borg" (Season Five, Episode Twenty-Three)

A close up of Hugh, with Borg implants covering most of the left side of his face.
"I, Borg"

An abandoned Borg drone presents itself as the opportunity to take revenge for the Battle of Wolf 359 and so much untold misery. Will the ends justify the means for Captain Picard?

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: "Blood Oath" (Season Two, Episode Nineteen)

Jadzia Dax stands against a bright blue light. She is wearing a black and blue uniform.
"Blood Oath"

Jadzia Dax is reminded of a pledge Curzon Dax made with Klingons Kor, Kang, and Koloth help them take vengeance against a space pirate who killed their firstborn children. 

Star Trek: Voyager: "Relativity" (Season Five, Episode 24)

Seven of Nine stands on the bridge of Voyager. Her Borg implants are gone, and she is wearing a Starfleet uniform.

Relive Voyager’s launch through Seven of Nine’s eyes, brought to the past from the future (huh?) to try and save the timestream. It turns out festering wrath and explosive vengeance has inspired a time-quaking act of sabotage that hopefully can be stopped in time. Or, uh, in times. 

Star Trek: Enterprise: "Fortunate Son" (Season One, Episode Ten)

Captain Archer stands on the bridge of the NX-01, looking concerned.
"Fortunate Son"

An Earth freighter ship and Nausicaan pirates come close to letting personal grudges spill out into a greater conflict—a great look at the early missteps of Earth’s pre-Federation exploratory years.

Star Trek: Discovery: "Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad" (Season One, Episode Seven)

Star Trek: Discovery - "Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad"
"Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad"

Harry Mudd is out of prison and ready to take revenge against Captain Lorca. Riding a space whale (!) he’s triggered a time loop to ensure he gets it right. Circular logic and a great Fugees track ensue. 

Star Trek: Lower Decks: "Where Pleasant Fountains Lie" (Season Two, Episode Seven)

Star Trek: Lower Decks, Season Two, "Where Pleasant Fountains Lie"
"Where Pleasant Fountains Lie"

Billups’s mother, a meddling Queen, is so angry that he has chosen a life in Starfleet she almost gets him to lose his virginity. (It’s complicated.) Also, an angry computer who sounds a lot like Jeffrey Combs stirs up feelings of resentment and a drive for revenge between Boimler and Mariner. 

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Khan stands in his ruined shelter on Ceti Alpha V
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

The Patron Saint of Vengeance, Khan Noonien Singh, trapped on a barren planet for fifteen years dreaming of comeuppance. Come revel in his wrath…and pectoral muscles!

Star Trek (2009)

Nero sits in the captain's chair of the Narada, a spear in his hand.
Star Trek (2009)

When Spock fails to prevent Romulus’s destruction (he’s only one Vulcan, what do you expect!?) Nero rips a hole in spacetime to make sure his act of vengeance has lasting effects.

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Star Trek: The Original Series