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Celebrate Bartender Appreciation Day in Trek-style

Celebrate Bartender Appreciation Day in Trek-style

Dr. Boyce uttered the following to Captain Pike in "The Cage," the initial Star Trek: The Original Seriespilot: "Sometimes, a man'll tell his bartender things he'll... never tell his doctor." And that, our friends, shows you how far back Star Trek and bartenders go. Thus, it's only fitting that today, Bartender Appreciation Day, we celebrate Star Trek's bartenders, gif-style -- when possible, otherwise with photos. Quark and Guinan are the easy ones, but we've identified quite a few more. So, join us as we hoist a Romulan Ale to all the bartenders out there... real and imagined.

Quark (Deep Space Nine)

Guinan (The Next Generation)

Dixon Hill Bartender (First Contact)

Dessica II Alien Bartender (TNG)

Michael Sullivan (Voyager)

Ed (The Original Series)

Graife (DS9)

Rex (TNG)

Bartender (TOS/DS9)

And, who are your favorite bartenders... on Star Trek and in real life?