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Catching Up with Trek Novelist Dave Galanter

Catching Up with Trek Novelist Dave Galanter

Dave Galanter has a day job, doing IT, but he’s found time over the years to write a number of Star Trek books. Among his contributions to the Trek literary galaxy: TOS: Crisis of Consciousness, VOY: Battle Lines, the TNG duology Maximum Warp, and The Original Series novel Troublesome Minds, plus several works of Star Trek short fiction. sat down to chat with Galanter his Trek output and upcoming projects, during a visit to the Star Trek: The Original Series Tour in Ticonderoga, New York. Here’s what he had to say…

How many Trek books have you actually written?

Star Trek
Original Series
Next Generation

Talk a bit about writing TOS characters…


Do you hear the music in your head?

If there's someone listening who for whatever reason has not yet sunk their teeth into one of your Star Trek books, what’s the one you’d recommend to them?

Troublesome Minds
Crisis of Consciousness

What is it you personally appreciate most about Star Trek?

Star Trek

What is your view of what you do when you write Star Trek? Is it a complementary piece of the puzzle? Do you think, “Hey, this is what I never got to see on a show or movie, and I want to put it into words”?

Star Trek

How different is it to get into the mindset of TOS versus TNG versus Voyager, all of which you've written?

What are you working on now?

Doctor Who

What was the most recent Trek story you wrote, and will you be writing more that you're aware of?

Crisis of Consciousness