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Cardassian Union Player Expansion for Ascendancy Out Soon

Cardassian Union Player Expansion for Ascendancy Out Soon

The Cardassian Union Player Expansion for Gale Force Nine’s Star Trek: Ascendancy hobby board game will be in stores soon, following the general release of the game. This expansion contains everything players need to add a new civilization as well as another player to their games. The brutal might of the Cardassians dominates the Galaxy as players combine cunning and ruthlessness to defeat their enemies.

The Cardassian Union is driven by the hunger for resources and territory. Special Rules for the Cardassian player reflect their oppressive society. During the game, a Cardassian players earns bonus Culture Tokens whenever they successfully conqueror another world via Planetary Invasion. Cardassia harvests precious resources through forced labor, so there must always be a military presence on the worlds they control in order to collect Production Tokens.

The player expansion contains all of the game pieces to play as the Cardassian Union, including a Cardassian Control Console, 30 Cardassian Starships, and a unique deck of Cardassian Advancement Cards. The Advancement Cards reflect their commitment to military conquest at the direction of Central Command as well as the subversion of their enemies through the influence of the Obsidian Order. Unique Cardassian Fleet Cards, Trade Agreements and Control Nodes round out the player’s components. The expansion also includes extra Resource Node game pieces, game tokens and space lanes.

In addition, the Cardassian Union expansion contains ten new Systems to discover, including Cardassia Prime, the homeworld of the Cardassians. The expansion allows players to travel to new worlds such as culture-rich Bajor and desolate Goralis. New to the player expansion are two phenomena with special rules, for example the hazardous Briar Patch wreaks havoc with Starship’s targeting systems, making ships in the phenomena harder to hit.

New discoveries await players in the form of ten new Exploration Cards; these cards challenge players with a new Crisis card-type, “Confrontations.” A Confrontation card immediately puts players in contact with each other, forcing a choice between diplomacy or conflict.

The Cardassian Union is just the first in planned series of player expansions for the game. In the coming weeks GF9 will give players a look ahead to its second player expansion, the profit-seeking Ferengi Alliance.

Look for Star Trek: Ascendancy and its expansions in game and hobby shops later this fall.

For an in-depth look at the Cardassian Union Player Expansion, visit In the following weeks GF9 will offer an in-depth look at the new components found in the expansion, including the new Systems Discs and Exploration Cards.