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Can You Believe It's Already Five Years Since Star Trek (2009) Opened?

Can You Believe It's Already Five Years Since Star Trek (2009) Opened?

After nearly a decade-long absence from the big screen Star Trek warped back into theaters worldwide with Star Trek (2009). Hard as it may be to believe, tomorrow, May 8, will mark the fifth anniversary of its release in the U.S.

The build-up to the release was, in a word, incredible. J.J. Abrams, in his capacities as producer and director, kept a tight lid on every detail of the production, releasing only small crumbs along the way. Each casting announcement was dissected by the fan base. Could Chris Pine really fill William Shatner's boots as Kirk?

How would Sylar from Heroes fare as Spock? Would Leonard Nimoy as old Spock and Zachary Quinto as new Spock share any scenes?

Any photos from the set sent the Internet into overdrive. Fans broke down the trailers frame by frame.

Then the film opened, and the fur flew again. Some longtime fans loved it and some felt it emphasized action over exploration. And people had a field day debating the merits of lens flares. Whatever anyone's feelings, this much is true: Star Trek (2009) grossed nearly $400 million worldwide, amassing big numbers in markets Trek had never before penetrated successfully. It re-invigorated the franchise. It made Star Trek relevant again. And, perhaps most importantly, it fostered new fans, many of whom went on to discover the previous Star Trek films and series.

So, as we celebrate the fifth anniversary of Star Trek (2009), what are YOUR thoughts about the film and its place in the Star Trek legacy?