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Campus Store Now Open

Campus Store Now Open

Did you just get accepted to Starfleet Academy or were you a classmate of Kirk and Uhura?  Maybe you are looking to show your school spirit and belief in the Starfleet motto, Ex Astris, Scientia – From the Stars, Knowledge.

Now open for business, the Starfleet Academy Campus Store offers everything for cadets, alumni, family and friends with many items priced at $20 and under.

So what’s to be found? A Command Crew sweatshirt, an “I Survived the Kobayashi Maru” Mug, and a Department of Astrophysics Mouse Pad. Don’t forget to grab a Tri-Dimensional Chess Champions t-shirt, a SFA Home of the Fighting Phoenix Knit Cap, or some Red Shirt Cologne. If you’re still driving a (ahem) car, there’s a SFA License Plate Frame and you could probably use a SFA Bridge Logo Keychain, too. And there’s more, from polo shirts to sports and waters bottles and cufflinks, with everything broken down into Command, Engineering, Medical and Science divisions.

Visit the Starfleet Academy Campus Store.  Just don't be late for class!