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Calindra Expansion Pack for Attack Wing

Calindra Expansion Pack for Attack Wing

Defend Xindi space and fight off the Federation with the Calindra Aquatic Cruiser.

This January, WizKids/NECA will release Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 28 -- and has the exclusive First Look at the ships in the upcoming expansion packs, concluding with the Calindra Expansion Pack.

The Calindra is a Xindi-Aquatic cruiser. This class of Xindi starship is one of the largest, but, though they are well-armed, they are slower than the other Xindi ships. The Xindi-Aquatics are water-breathing creatures, but all of their ships are equipped with a room that can support oxygen-breathing creatures. Compared to the generic aquatic cruiser, the Calindra loses a Weapon Upgrade slot but gains two Tech Upgrade slots and a Shield. When defending, the Calindra may discard a Blue Target Lock Token from itself in order to re-roll all of its defense dice as its special ability.

Kiaphet Amman’Sor adds the first Admiral to the Xindi Fleet. Playable as either a Skill Level 4 Captain or as an Admiral, this card allows you to roll +1 defense die this round. In addition, if this card is assigned to a Xindi ship, when attacking this round, gain +1 attack die. The Xindi are a very Xenophobic race (especially when it comes to Humans or the Federation) and prefer to work with the other Xindi races. Building a strong Xindi fleet by using this card will give you both a defensive and offensive advantage.

Aquatic Councilor is a Skill Level 2 Captain that allows you to convert 1 Battle Stations result into an Evade result, all for the super-low cost of 1 SP. You can’t go wrong defensively with the Aquatic Councilor as your Captain. Either your defense die will roll an Evade, or it will roll a Battle Station that you can convert into an Evade. Just watch out for those pesky blanks. Luckily, the Calindra’s special ability enables you to re-roll all your defense dice.

Retaliation is an Elite Talent Upgrade in this pack that demonstrates how the Xindi are a truly dangerous foe with more than enough firepower to handle any threat. When another ship in your fleet is destroyed, you may immediately make an attack with your primary weapon at -1 attack die. There are several things that make this upgrade so powerful. First, you get to attack immediately upon the destruction of one of your other ships. Second, this attack is in addition to your normal attack this round. Finally, if you cannot make an attack for any reason, you get a mission token that gives you +3 attack dice on your next attack.  Anything that allows you more than one attack per round is amazing and makes Retaliation an Elite Talent you can expect to find on most Xindi Fleets going forward. Remember this upgrade can only be used with a Xindi Captain on a Xindi Ship. If you ever wanted to try a Xindi Fleet, this is the time to do it.

Raijin, the only Crew Upgrade in this expansion pack, is a card that acts to slow down and weaken your opponent by sabotage. Raijin may be discarded to target a ship at Range 1-3. Choose 1 upgrade on the target ship and place 2 Time Tokens on that upgrade. It’s not quite as effective as stealing an upgrade, but used at the proper time, Raijin can mean certain death for your opponent if they are denied the use of a critical upgrade for 2 rounds.

Xindi Torpedoes, on the other hand, are just straight-up damage-dealing weapons. This Weapon Upgrade allows you to attack with 4 dice at Range 2-3. If fired from a Xindi Aquatic Cruiser, add +1 attack die.

The Xindi have many technological advances compared to the Federation. These advances are reflected in the three Tech Upgrades found in the Calindra Expansion Pack. Trellium-D is a mineral resource used by the Xindi to protect its ships. As a Tech Upgrade, Trellium-D adds 2 Mission Tokens to this card. You may then discard up to 2 of these tokens to cancel one hit or critical hit result for each token discarded. You never know what kind of dangers you will encounter in space, and Trellium-D is just the kind of thing your ship needs to ensure its survival.

Next, Biometric Hologram is a Tech Upgrade that allows you to add +2 attack dice during the Roll Attack Dice Step. If the attack hits, disable all Crew Upgrades on the defending ship. +2 attack dice alone is a great advantage and worth the 5 SP cost of this upgrade. Add in the ability to disable ALL Crew Upgrades, and you have yourself one devastating attack that can lay waste to your opponents in one shot.

The last Tech Upgrade in the Calindra Expansion Pack is Subspace Vortex. As an action, you may discard this card to execute an additional 4[straight], 5[straight] or 6[straight] maneuver. Place an Auxiliary Power Token beside your ship. The Xindi are master strategists, and being able to get into the proper position is sometimes just as important as the attack itself. Whether you are getting into position to attack or fleeing from danger, Subspace Vortex will make sure you can get where you need to go.

The Calindra Expansion Pack adds to the ever-growing Xindi Fleet to help defend against the growing “Human” threat. Use superior Xindi technology and weaponry to defend yourself, or take the initiative and strike first at your enemy. The special scenario “Countdown” is also included in this pack, where you will race to take the Xindi weapon through a Subspace Vortex and attack Earth before opposing forces can stop you. Make sure to let your friendly local game store know to reserve your copy of the Calindra Expansion Pack today.

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