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Boldly Go Comic Book Series Coming This Fall

Boldly Go Comic Book Series Coming This Fall

IDW Publishing, in October, will launch Star Trek: Boldly Go, a new Star Trek comic book series that reunites the esteemed writer-artist tandem of Mike Johnson and Tony Shasteen, and unfolds following the events of Star Trek Beyond. As readers know, Johnson wrote most of the 60 universe-expanding installments in IDW's current Star Trek series.

Here's the teaser graph about Boldly Go from IDW: Chronicling the adventures of Captain Kirk and his iconic crew, a danger unlike anything the Federation has faced before threatens our heroes as they explore new worlds and encounter new species. All that plus brand-new uniforms for the crew.

“What better way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek?” asks Star Trek editor Sarah Gaydos. “And what better team to do it with? Mike and Tony are poised to take the series in such an exciting direction. I can't wait to introduce the world to these new characters... as well as some interesting friends and foes from the past.”

Star Trek: Boldly Go will arrive in comic shops this October and will feature character-focused connecting subscriptions variant covers by Shasteen. Additional details coming soon.