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Bob Picardo Guest Stars on Perception

Bob Picardo Guest Stars on Perception

Star Trek's DNA was all over "Alienation," this week's episode of Perception -- even more so than usual. The TNT show was co-created by former Trek writers-producers Mike Sussman and Ken Biller, and LeVar Burton plays a recurring role. And, in "Alienation," Voyager star Robert Picardo, makes a guest appearance. For those who missed it on Tuesday, TNT will repeat "Alienation" on Saturday at 12:30 a.m. and 8 a.m.

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Sussman added, "Bob always delivers the goods, whatever role he's asked to play. I've been writing for Bob since the mid-90s, when I penned the first episode in which the Doctor sang opera! (Voyager's "The Swarm"). I was hoping to get a Star Trek vet for this pivotal part and was thrilled he was available."

The writer-producer then shares amusing "Alienation" anecdote. "While Bob was on the Walt Disney lot filming his scenes at a fake science fiction convention, LeVar was across town, also in Burbank, appearing at a real science fiction convention the same day," he says. "I can't help but think of all the money we would've saved if we'd shot at the real one instead!"