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Begging Your Pardon, But This Version of the Deep Space Nine Theme? It Slaps

It's the electric guitars for me.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Longtime fans may not be shocked to discover that the music written by prolific Star Trek composer, Dennis McCarthy, for Deep Space Nine’s pilot, “Emissary,” was released in 1993. Some longtime fans may not even be shocked to learn that the 17th track on the album contains an incredibly unique ‘Single’ version of the show’s theme song. (For the worlds' coolest college radio DJs, we guess?)

And if the existence of “Deep Space Nine - Theme (Single Version)" is a shock? Well, my friends, you’re in for a Jiballian fudge sized-treat.

Stop what you’re doing immediately. Don a pair of your snazziest aviators and your finest Top Gun flight suit. Settle in with your vice of choice, be patient (trust us, wait for it), and let this 4+ minute long track take you through the wormhole to the final frontier and beyond.

Oh, and since we guarantee this is the only thing you'll want to listen to for hours to come? Might as well get it on vinyl.

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