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Beam Up Buttons with Trek Cats

Beam Up Buttons with Trek Cats's story about the upcoming release of Star Trek Cats created a fur-fect storm when it first ran in December. And now we can reveal the paw-some news that if you order Star Trek Cats now, you'll also get two free Star Trek Cats button. Fur real, we're not kitten you. The Chronicle Books hardcover, due meow-t on February 28, can be pre-ordered now at Star Trek Cat Pins.

Star Trek Cats is the creation of Jenny Park, a "shameless nerd" and respected scientific illustrator who litter-ally specializes in reimagining pop culture characters as... cats. Its 64 pages will be filled with claw-fully amusing new takes on iconic Trek characters and scenes, from Kirk in the Cat-pin's chair to Spock offering his fur-miliar Vulcan wisdom.

How are you feline about the book's imminent release and the free buttons?

Again, go to Star Trek Cat Pins to pre-order Star Trek Cats and beam up your free buttons.