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Beam to the Mirror Universe With Hallmark's Star Trek Storytellers Ornaments

Check out our exclusive look at the new Mirror Chekov ornament.

Star Trek: The Original Series

Great memories of Star Trek have hung on Christmas trees for nearly 30 years thanks to Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments — but never before like Star Trek Storytellers. Years in the making, this eight-piece collection brings the iconic Original Series episode “Mirror, Mirror” to life with a coordinated light and sound show of episode highlights. Last year, the experience began with ornaments of Captain James T. Kirk, Lieutenant Uhura and Security Chief Sulu, each in the striking uniforms of the sinister Terran Empire.

Along with the set is what may be Star Trek fans’ most-ever requested Keepsake Ornament: a U.S.S. Enterprise tree topper. The fully lit foot-long starship plays music and sound effects synched with any combination of Star Trek Storytellers hung from the tree. Sensor readings indicate this Star Trek Storytellers set will add ornaments in 2021 and 2022.

Star Trek: The Original Series - Hallmark

Spoiler alert: Here is a little sneak peek of certain Russian ensign and a particular Vulcan first officer to be ready for tree duty this year.

Star Trek: The Original Series -

Star Trek: The Original Series -