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Attack Wing: Wave 9 -- Mirror Universe I.S.S. Defiant

Attack Wing: Wave 9 -- Mirror Universe I.S.S. Defiant has our final First Look at NECA/WizKids' upcoming Star Trek: Attack Wing's Wave 9 releases, and today we preview the Mirror Universe I.S.S. Defiant, out in November. The I.S.S. Defiant packs the firepower players would expect from a Defiant class ship and its special power will allow it to avoid damage at the cost of an Auxiliary Power token. When damage does occur to the ship, Miles O’Brien will be a welcome Captain as he can repair 1 damage to Shields or Hull. Benjamin Sisko is the captain of choice for the more offensive-minded player with his ability to increase attack dice with the expenditure of Upgrades from the ship.

Ezri Tigan makes her debut with the ability to steal Tech upgrades from other ships, while Jennifer Sisko adds a Tech slot to your ship and starts your opponent off at a disadvantage by disabling up to 2 upgrades on 1 enemy ship. Additionally, Rom can be used to disable two Tech upgrades on an opposing ship later in the game. Julian Bashir forces the opponent to attack his ship and roll fewer attack dice while doing so. Finally, Jadzia Dax can be discarded to reduce the damage inflicted upon her ship.

Quantum Torpedoes will greatly enhance the Defiant’s firepower, while the use of the Aft Phaser Emitter will be useful should a player happen to overshoot their target. Multi-Targeting Phaser Banks will allow the ship to maintain two target locks. Rebellion will diminish the enemy’s attack while allowing for a free retaliatory strike. Players may instead choose to use Strafing Run to stay in close to their opponent thanks to its nimble movement dial, while still getting off shots when the opponent is not in the Defiant’s firing arc. All of these cards will come in handy as you attempt to complete the Sabotage mission from the expansion. Can you destroy the enemy ship before it fully addresses the sabotage or will you be forced to flee before you are destroyed by the fully operational opponent?

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