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Attack Wing Wave 30- I.R.W. Valdore (Repaint) Preview

Attack Wing Wave 30- I.R.W. Valdore (Repaint) Preview

The I.R.W. Valdore is back to help save Earth from the evil Shinzon of Remus.

This May, WizKids/NECA will release Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 30 and has the exclusive First Look at the ships in the upcoming expansion packs, starting with the I.R.W. Valdore (Repaint).

The I.R.W. Valdore is a powerful Romulan vessel that is arguably one of best that the Romulans have to offer. For those who are unfamiliar, the I.R.W. Valdore has a strong primary weapon value of 4 coupled with 2 agility, 6 hull, and 3 shields. What makes the I.R.W. Valdore shine, however, is its ability to add +1 attack die whenever it performs a Green Maneuver. Along with the Cloak and Sensor Echo actions, you would come to expect on any Romulan vessel, the I.R.W. Valdore has it all. Just add an Interphase Generator (RIS Apnex Expansion) and you’re ready to go!

Inside the I.R.W. Expansion Pack, you will find one of the best and most played Captain Cards in the game. Donatra is a Romulan Captain with a Captain Skill of 6. Her special ability allows all other friendly ships within Range 1 of your ships to gain +1 attack dice. As long as you can keep your fleet in a tight formation, every other friendly ship within Range 1 will get +1 attack dice. This is a very powerful effect that you will see time and time again because it is just that good.

Tactical Officer is a Crew Upgrade that might not get the same kind of attention as Donatra, but is nonetheless a powerful Upgrade found only in the I.R.W. Valdore Expansion Pack. Tactical Officer allows you to re-roll each of your attack dice one additional time after you use your Target Lock to re-roll your attack dice. Re-rolling your attack dice is very valuable, but getting to do it again if things don’t turn out exactly like you wanted is almost a dream come true. With two re-rolls, you are almost guaranteed to do some serious damage.

The I.R.W. Valdore Expansion Pack also includes the scenario: Destroy the Scimitar where you can re-enact the most exciting and memorable moments from the movie, Star Trek Nemesis. You must work together with other players to complete this cooperative adventure. Can you stop the Scimitar before it destroys the planet Earth?

Even if you already own the I.R.W. Valdore, you are going to want to purchase the new repaint both for the dynamic new paint job as well as the great upgrades contained within it. Contact your local game store to reserve your copy now.

Visit WizKids/NECA at for additional information about Star Trek: Attack Wing and keep an eye on for more First Looks and previews, coming soon.