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Attack Wing Set For Summer Event

Attack Wing Set For Summer Event

WizKids Games will kick off their three-month Star Trek: Attack Wing The Collective Storyline Organized Play event series this July. The event series will be held at participating game stores-- please visit the WizKids games Event System (see link below) for participating game stores near you.  As part of the Star Trek: Attack Wing The Collective Storyline Organized Play series, players will receive a special participation prize each month just for playing— an exclusive  Counter Attack Dice in month one, Fleet Captain Cards in month two, and Officer Cards in month three— and will also have a chance to win an exclusive prize ship. has First looks at the prize ships you can win during this event series.

At the completion of The Collective event series, the players with the best record over the three months will win an exclusive grand prize of Assimilation Target Prime— a Borg-infested Galaxy Class starship from the TNG episode “Parallels.”

For each event over the three months, players in this event series will receive a randomized expansion pack containing one of five exclusive ship (stores may charge a tournament entry fee for events— please visit for information listed by stores near you) and play special scenario games recreating iconic battles with the Borg. The format for each event is for players to bring a pre-built 90 point fleet to the event and add their random ship with their selection of included upgrades to complete their 120 point fleet build. Below are the five ships players may find in their random expansion packs.  For more information on these ships check out the links at the end of the article.

For more information on Star Trek Attack Wing: The Collective click HERE. For the WizKids Event System (WES) and to find stores participating in this event in your area click HERE. For a closer look at the blind box ships click HERE.