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ANOVOS Reveals Beyond Replica Type-1B Hand Phaser

ANOVOS Reveals Beyond Replica Type-1B Hand Phaser

ANOVOS will introduce a Star Trek Beyond Hand Phaser Kit in November, and is pleased to present an exclusive First Look. Specifically referred to as a Star Trek Beyond Type-1B Hand Phaser Kit, it is the first new item from Beyond to be revealed in detail, and it will mark the first time that ANOVOS has offered any high-end 1:1 replica phaser kit.

This is an unassembled 1/1 prop replica “do-it-yourself” model kit. Further:

  • Kit requires assembly, paint and finishing
  • Kit components feature an metal body with resin, ABS and PVC plastic details
  • Kit components require trimming, clean-up and physical assembly
  • Tools and glue are not included
  • Optional servo upgrade is available. The movie-accurate servo allows push button movement of barrel for "stun" or "kill" setting

Joe Salcedo, ANOVOS CEO, spoke to in detail about the Beyond hand phaser. Here's what he had to say... What is unique about the Beyond hand phaser?The Star Trek Beyond phaser is unique in that it is the next iteration of a beloved phaser design first introduced to us in 2009. As a few years have passed, technology has updated and we see not only a change in color, but also dimension. For us classic Star Trek fans, there is a seemingly purposeful "nod" to the Star Trek: The Next Generation phaser design. Purposeful or not, it is this beautiful combination that gives it a sense of something familiar, but also something new.

What made ANOVOS decide to produce this item as the first of its Trek prop replica line?

When CBS gave us the opportunity to do a pre-launch on this particular phaser, we recognized this as quite the honor. Even though we already had several phasers in development, we felt that launching with this new phaser would not only generate excitement for Star Trek Beyond

, but also speak directly to what we are trying to accomplish with this prop replica line -- bringing a degree of user interactivity via kits and collectible prop replicas. How exactly do you produce a replica like this and why are certain materials are used?Together with CBS and Paramount archives, we were able to scan original pieces and photograph the screen-used artifacts. We then translated this into a digital form in order to print, mold and cast the piece you see now. The final product will be recreated in metal and resin because we wanted to bring a real world feel to the phaser. In the world of movie props, materials like metal are often mimicked by other lightweight substances that, when held, give a very different experience than what we would expect. We wanted to circumvent this by coming out with an exquisite line that not only looked that part, but also "felt" the part. We think the right choice of materials helps to complete the experience for customers. What else excites you about this hand phaser release?This phaser release represents two distinct levels of excitement for ANOVOS. First, we were honored that CBS and Paramount offered us the opportunity to show the world this new phaser in close-up detail. We've been working with it for months and truly believe it is the best of the new Star Trek crew's weaponry. Secondly, it heralds the long-awaited launch of our high-end, interactive prop replica line. What makes our Star Trek prop replicas unique is the degree of interactivity that we will implement in each high-end kit and assembled replica. For this phaser, the builder will have the satisfaction of constructing their own metal and resin kit with or without electronics, depending on the builder's choice and skill level. Once assembled, the electronics-enabled version allows the user to alternate between "stun" or "kill" settings by depressing a button and executing a sequence of servo driven movements that will flip the phaser head into the desired position without needing to reset. That is just one example of many more features we are considering as ANOVOS moves into the collectible arena with products designed to compel fans to "interact" with their investment, rather than let it collect dust. The basic kit will cost $300, while the kit with Servo will cost $400, with shipping scheduled to begin in November, 2016. Go to to pre-order the Star Trek Beyond Type-1B Hand Phaser Kit.