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Anovos Kicks off Trek Patch Program

Anovos Kicks off Trek Patch Program

Anovos has just unveiled a pair of Star Trek 50th anniversary patches, and is pleased to share with fans details about the patches, which will make their debut at New York Comic-Con. First up is a Star Trek Beyond Franklin Patch. This costume accessory patch features embroidery stitch pattern and thread colors that have been exactingly replicated from the original screen-used production assets used in Beyond.

Anovos provided a description of why the Franklin patch means so much to them and how they produced their replica:

The U.S.S Frankin holds a dear place of our Trek fan hearts, as it is a dedication ship. Justin Lin named the ship after his father, Frank Lin, and the registration number is Leonard Nimoy's birthday. We were debating whether we would do the Franklin crew jumpsuit or not. The one item from the jumpsuit that everyone wanted was... the patch. It's the first real bridge between the Prime universe and the Kelvin universe we really get to hold in our hands. We were lucky to receive the actual artwork and great close-up views of the screen-used Franklin crew insignia patches from CBS. High-resolution close-ups helped with replicating the stitch pattern of the embroidery. Even though embroidered patches are fairly simple to make, it takes great time and care to methodically map out all of the different embroidery styles and directions of the thread pattern when you are creating a replica patch. We take great care to get it as close to the original as possible. Sometimes we get too good with our reproductions and have to throw in a few errors so we can tell the real one from the replica.

Up next is the 50th Anniversary Insignia Patch., which melds the commemorative 50th logo with the Command Division insignia originally designed for the first season of The Original Series in 1966. You can apply your command patch to any surface using the attached, space-age fastener included with your insignia.

Anovos also provided a detailed explanation of how they produced the 50th Anniversary Insignia Patch:

With nostalgia running high during the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, we felt it fitting to hark back to a time when Trek fans loved to adorn anything and everything made of fabric with a patch. Jackets, bags, jeans, caps... they all had patches on them in the 70's and 80's. The 50th Anniversary delta patch draws inspiration and materials from the Starfleet insignia patches worn in TOS. The metallic gold backing fabric with black threads are what we use in the First Season Starfleet Insignia we sew on to each of our velour replica uniforms. The metallic gold thread used on the star is raised to give a three-dimensional look and importance to that element of the patch. Each patch has a hook and loop backing, or to use the slogan from the 60's "a spage-age fastener." We added this option for any astronauts who wanted to throw a 50th patch on their flight suit.

The 50th Anniversary patch and the USS Franklin patch are unofficially kicking off the ANOVOS patch program. These two patches will be exclusively offered at New York Comic Con at booth 2155. The patches are each $10.00. Keep an eye out for the patches and check out other Star Trek patches HERE.