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ANOVOS' Beyond Survival Jacket

ANOVOS' Beyond Survival Jacket

Fancy the cool Survival Jackets you saw in Star Trek Beyond? Well, ANOVOS soon will offer their high-end version of it, with the product created using reference and measurements taken from the original screen-used Beyond production assets. The identical style fabrics have been custom dyed to match the distinctive quilted panels seen in the Beyond garment. The jacket’s abrasion panels feature a rubberized texture pattern and the Starfleet arrowhead insignia badge and hardware are replicated in cast rubber and finished in silver.

The jacket will be priced at $575.00 USD, and will come in sizes Small through 2XL. ANOVOS will offer flexible payment plan options.

Jose Salcedo, CEO of ANOVOS; Maegen Hensley, Director of Soft Goods Productions; and Steve Fronzcek and John Cooley, of the ANOVOS Product Design Team, recently talked to in detail about the Survival Jacket. Here's what they had to say:

ANOVOS has offered jackets in the past, including the Captain Picard "Darmok" jacket, the "Archer" jacket from Star Trek: Enterprise, and uniform pieces from Deep Space Nine and Voyager. How did production of the Star Trek Beyond Survival Jacket compare to these previous releases?

Jose Salcedo: Each jacket has its own level of complexity and this one was no different. Our Picard Jacket was about how to create a garment using screen used elements while still being functional in the real world. The Archer Jacket was all about where to implement creative elements from the Star Trek Universe in a real functional jacket. The Star Trek Beyond Survival Jacket is about venturing into a style of garment that we had never encountered -- coupled with new materials. The complexity found in the survival jacket was further compounded in having to combine hard parts with exotic fabrics. The end result is nothing short of amazing. We were able take what we learned from our previous Star Trek jackets to engineer a way to make this Beyond costume a real world garment, while maintaining a high level of quality and accuracy to the original. I really think people are going to like this jacket for not only the way it looks, but its also surprisingly comfortable to wear.

The Survival Jacket appears fairly complex, with multiple textures, layers and details that contrast the streamlined look of most Starfleet uniforms. What challenges did you face while recreating this unique costume piece?

Maegen Hensley: You are right. The Survival Jacket appears fairly complex, but it's actually very highly complex. Not only were we sourcing over seven different fabrics used for this jacket ranging from a cotton duck to polyester to china silk, but we had fabric that was screen printed as well as a specialty vinyl for the pipping. The original jacket also utilized mixed media elements including rubber, plastic, and metal. We feel our attention to detail for this piece was extremely high and the fit is perfect. Even though this ornate costume stands in contrasts to the typically understated look of Starfleet's uniforms, fans will see after the movie that it fits within the context of the story. The greatest feature of the Survival Jacket though is its diversity. It can be worn as a everyday jacket, not just a costume piece.

The design of the Survival Jacket makes it appears to be quite functional. Are there any special features that ANOVOS has included?

Steve Fronzcek and John Cooley: If the Survival Jacket appears functional it is because it's design cleverly ties directly to its purpose in the story. It's designed to be something a Starfleet member would wear in a dangerous situation and so it's meant to comfortably protect the wearer in a multitude of environments. It can be worn by itself -- but as we see in the film when it's worn with the pants, boots and environmental equipment belt, it can provide warmth or cooling as needed, in addition to a few other systems that were implied by Star Trek Beyond's costume designer, Sanja Hays. The design of the jacket is so well thought out and executed that there was little else that we could add to the design, except --  this jacket wasn't going to have the benefit of being worn with the ensemble's equipment belt and, knowing that one needs a place to stow their communicator or mobile phone, we added a pocket to the interior of the jacket. That's all the help this coat needed from us. This is easily our favorite costume from Star Trek Beyond and we can't wait to see it worn right here on Earth.

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