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And Your Favorite Trek Heroine Is...

And Your Favorite Trek Heroine Is..., in our most recent poll, asked readers, “Besides Captain Janeway, who is your favorite Star Trek heroine?” Thousands of you replied and the winner is… Seven of Nine, who tallied 25% of the vote, besting Jadzia Dax (21%), T’Pol (12%), Uhura (11%), Kira Nerys (11%) and Deanna Troi (9%). Were you shocked that Seven of Nine won? We weren’t, either. Likewise, we weren’t surprised that a number of people threw their support toward characters not on the list, including Janice Rand, B’Elanna Torres, Rachel Garrett, and, er, Kirk.

Check out a sampling of reader comments below:

“Seven!! She's smarter than all the others combined!” – Kathleen Jeffery

“Seven of Nine, of course” – Patricia Taylor

“How can 7 of 9 be beating Jadzia Dax? Jadzia was an amazing character with looks and smarts to match. Seven had... mostly just a tight jumpsuit.” – Austin Martin

“Kira Nerys all the way.” – Vicky Adams

“Go Kirk!” – George Williams

“Yeoman Rand! Miniskirt! Hot beehive!” – Todd S. Tuttle

“Where's B'Elanna?!” – Sara Comish

“Where do I write in for Rachel Garrett?” – Charlie Bizzell