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And Your Favorite Alien Delicacy Is...

And Your Favorite Alien Delicacy Is...

It sounds like we’re going to have one hell of a party. asked readers “Which alien delicacy would you most like to try?” The options included Heart of Targ, Plomeek Soup, Rokeg Blood Pie, Romulan Ale and Tarvorkian Cakes. And the results were pretty darn lopsided. Romulan Ale more than doubled the votes of the other delicacies combined landing 71% of the vote to beat out Plomeek Soup (13%). Tarvorkian Cakes (9%), Rokeg Blood Pie (4%) and Heart of Targ (4%). So, did your delicacy of choice make the cut?

Romulan Ale (71%)

Plomeek Soup (13%)                                   Tavorkian cakes (9%)

Rokeg Blood Pie (4%)                             Heart of Targ (4%)

Here are some reader comments:“From what I heard, Romulan Ale is illegal due to its extreme intoxicating effect, but, hell, I'll drink it, though!” – Rodney Jamorris Peake“Plomeek soup!” – Cybele Pauli“I would love to try myself some Blood Wine with side of Plomeek!” – Conor Padraic Fynes“Gotta be the Romulan Ale” – Ripley Divided By Zero“Why is Hasperat not mentioned?” – Scott Philips“Why did you forget Gagh?” – Christian Andrej Sartison“What, no Tranya?” – Steven Verbridge