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And The Most Intimidating Trek Captain Is...

And The Most Intimidating Trek Captain Is...

Jean-Luc Picard apparently likes his tea, Earl Grey, hot… with two teaspoons of intimidation, but that wasn’t enough to best Benjamin Sisko, who was deemed Star Trek’s most intimidating captain in our latest poll. Sisko topped Picard 34 percent to 28 percent, and he left Kirk (18%), Janeway (15%) and Archer (5%) in the dust. Actually, this past weekend at the Creation Entertainment Official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas, Avery Brooks summed up his Deep Space Nine character in one word: badass. Fans apparently agreed; and here are some comments from you, our readers:

Captain Benjamin Sisko (34%)

Captain Jean-Luc Picard (28%)                     Captain James T. Kirk (18%)

Captain Kathryn Janeway (15%)                  Captain Jonathan Archer (5%)“Sisko, for sure. How many others are gods?” – Timothy Colin Davies“JANEWAY :)” – Caitie SingingPoet“Sisko!” – Jonathan Barlow“Kirk & Sisko. They were the most human, with human flaws. Archer in the 3rd & 4th seasons.” – Joseph Logalbo“Picard all the way, guys. I give my respect to the others. Janeway my runner up :)” – Jason Pelletier“Janeway because she beat the Borg for good. Then Sisko because he will do anything to win; anything.” – Angelo D. Ferraro“If we're talking pure macho intimidation, it's a hard choice between Kirk and Sisko.” – Brian Allen“Poll for most intimidating? - Has to be Sisko.” – James Harding