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And The Most Humorous Star Trek Doctor Is...

And The Most Humorous Star Trek Doctor Is...’s mission to determine the best Star Trek doctor of all continued last week with question #4: Which Star Trek doctor was the most humorous? Nearly 12,000 fans replied and the difference between first and second place was a single percentage point, or less than 200 votes.

Please be sure to vote in our fifth and final poll. It’s live now, and we’re asking: What Star Trek doctor was the most dedicated? While you contemplate that – and, hopefully, answer it on the main page – here are some reader comments about the humor poll:“Bones; love his witty remarks.” – Yolanda Rodriguez“EMH is hilarious!” – Rik Kleinsmit"The Doctor was pretty funny, but usually at his own expense, which itself was funny.” – Nate Breece“Bones may be the best and the cornerstone for all other ST doctors, but as far as humorous goes, I really gotta go with EMH. He was pretty hilarious a good deal of the time.” – John Silky Smooth Ferguson“The funniest would be Phlox.” – Scott Boehm“When DeForest Kelley was offered the roles of Kirk, Spock and Dr. McCoy, De chose Dr. McCoy. When A.C. Lyles asked him on why he chose McCoy, De said: "Because I had a feeling it had humour in it." It was a natural choice for De because of his natural humor.” – Greg Barton