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And The Most Human Trek Character Is...

And The Most Human Trek Character Is..., asked “Which of these characters is the most human – Worf, Spock, Data, Odo, Quark or Neelix? and we, frankly , were surprised by just how tight the race was. Spock won, which wasn’t much of a shocker, but with 32% of the vote the Vulcan just barely edged out everyone’s favorite android, Data, who notched 28%.

Spock (32%)

Data (28%)                                                  Neelix (17%)

Quark (11%)                                                     Worf (7%)

Odo (5%)

So, what do you make of the results? While you answer that, check out some of the comments from readers.

“I believe Data is the most human, on account he is the only one who works on his flaws, and works to better himself and his humanity.” – Matthew Spencer

“Quark is the most human because he's greedy and selfish.” – Brian Allen

“Dumb question; Spock should win by default because he is 50% human.” – Mark Young

“I think Dr. Phlox is quite human and I would have voted for him!” – Stephon Lunn

And our favorite…

“Tribbles.” – Gayla Griffin