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And The Cheesiest TOS Creature Is...

And The Cheesiest TOS Creature Is...

And the winner is a gouda choice. asked readers “Which TOS creature was the cheesiest?” Your options were Excalbian, Gorn, Melkotian, Mugato, Salt Vampire and Tribbles. And the winner, with 33% percent of the vote was everyone’s favorite lumbering, rubbery Kirk combatant, the Gorn from “Arena.” The runners-up were, in order:

Salt Vampire (23%)                                   Tribbles (19%)

Mugato (10%)               Excalbian (8%)                Melkotian (7%).

Here are some reader comments:

“Definitely Gorn” – Pablo Mandado Gonzalez

“Gorn deserves to win!” – Ripley Divided By Zero

And such write-in candidates as:

“The silicone blob on the mining planet” – Jan Goeree

“Lwaxana Troi” – Randy Mobandy