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And The Best Trek Couple Is...

And The Best Trek Couple Is...

Wow. That’s really all we can say about the result of our latest poll. In it, we asked fans to select the best Star Trek couple, with the options including William Riker and Deanna Troi, B’Elanna Torres and Tom Paris, Worf and Troi, Trip Tucker and T’Pol, Worf and Jadzia Dax, Captain Picard and Dr. Crusher. The race for the top spot was close, with Worf and Dax at 29% narrowly besting the 25% notched by Riker and Troi. That’s something of an upset, wouldn’t you agree? Where are all the Riker-Troi shippers out there?

Worf and Jadzia Dax (29%)                         Riker and Troi (25%)Meanwhile, so many people voted for Worf-Dax that Worf-Troi finished dead last with a shockingly miniscule 3 percent. We’re not officially keeping track of such things, but that may be the lowest number for any poll option since the inception of our polls here at Meanwhile, B’Elanna and Tom finished with a perfectly respectable 17% T’Pol and Trip came in with 15% and Picard and Crusher tallied 11% of the vote.

B'Elanna and Tom Paris (17%)                         T'Pol and Trip (15%)

Picard and Crusher (11%)                                Worf and Troi (3%)

So how did your favorite couple fare? Below are some reader comments:

“Worf and Jadzia. They really loved each other!” – Rodney Jamorris Peake

“Worf and Dax along with Col. Kira and Odo.” – Abel Garcia

“Sorry but I loved Trip and T'Pol.” – Lisa Moore

“Riker and Troi is my favorite couple.” – Candace Roth

‎”100% Worf & Jadzia, but come on, where are Kira & Odo? They def should have been included over Worf & Troi who were barely a couple. Same goes for the O'Briens.” – Caitlin Witte

“How can you include Troi/Worf? That was literally two episodes, one of which took place in a parellel universe. Same goes for Beverly/Picard. And then you leave out Kira/Odo, which was a 7-season romance.” – Allen Davis

“Where were Odo & Nerys?!?!?! They and Jean-Luc & Beverly (who I voted for) are my two favorite canon pairings. My other faves are sadly not considered canon (Jon & T'Pol; Chakotay & Kathryn). Oh well.” – Sarah Pressler Vernon

“No Miles and Keiko makes the poll invalid.” – Bob Buehrer

“What about Neelix and Kes” – Katie Parker