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A Romulan Celebration

A Romulan Celebration

Star Trek Online is proud to announce the one-year anniversary of Star Trek Online: Legacy of Romulus with celebrations. Players will have an opportunity to revisit the accomplishments of the Romulan Republic over the past year. The Romulan Republic has firmly established itself in the Tau Dewa sector block by fighting off enemy factions including the Tal Shiar, laid claim to an Iconian space gate, maintained a fragile alliance while running the Solanae Dyson Sphere Joint Command, and helped to establish a ceasefire between the Federation and Klingon Empire in the middle of repelling an Undine invasion. To celebrate this milestone, D'Tan and the rest of the Romulan Republic are inviting all captains to come to New Romulus to memorialize those whose hard work led to these great accomplishments.

All mission rewards on New Romulus have had their Romulan Mark rewards doubled permanently. This includes all neighborhood missions, local events and reputation instances. This does not include the epohh tagging daily mission (which rewards epohh research and not Romulan Marks). Jump into maps like Atmosphere Assault, Azure Nebula Rescue, Defend Rh’ihho Station, Mine Trap, The Vault: Ensnared, and Vault Shuttle Event. The Romulan Rock Analyst will now reward 30 Romulan Marks for turning in 10 Resonating Rocks. Similarly, the Romulan Plant Analyst will now reward 30 Romulan Marks for 10 Glowing Plants.

Additionally, during New Romulus Weekend, which will run from now until May 27th at 10AM PDT, Romulan Mark rewards on New Romulus will be doubled again. These missions will also give out a Tal Shiar Lock Box that comes with a chance to win a Tal Shiar Adapted Battlecruiser in addition to its normal rewards (this still requires a Lock Box Key to open). Romulan Mark rewards throughout the rest of the game, including PvE queues, will be rewarding 150 percent of their normal rewards

During this event both the Legacy of Romulus Legacy Pack and the Legacy of Romulus Starter Pack will be available for 25% off. Enjoy the pre-Legacy of Romulus release rates of 12,500 and 2,000 Zen.

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