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6 Things to Know about "The Omega Glory"

6 Things to Know about "The Omega Glory"

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The Star Trek: The Original Series episode "The Omega Glory" debuted on March 1, 1968. In it, Captain Ronald Tracey (Morgan Woodward) breaches the Prime Directive when he uses Federation technology to save a primitive tribe, the Kohms, from a brutal group called the Yangs. This is also the episode in which Kirk famously recites the preamble to the United States Constitution. is pleased to share 6 Things to Know about "The Omega Glory":

Roddenberry Wrote It

Series creator Gene Roddenberry wrote the episode, which aired as the 23rd hour of TOS's second season.

Dagger of the Glory?

Morgan Woodward had the distinction of portraying two wild-eyed, emotionally volatile TOS characters: Dr. Simon Van Gelder in “Dagger of the Mind” and Captain Ronald Tracey in “The Omega Glory." The actor, who is now in his 90s, told in 2015, "Star Trek is a cult, and any time you’ve got a cult, it continues and continues. It just keeps going. The (conventions and autograph) shows I’ve gone to, most of the people want me to sign pictures from Star Trek. I sign pictures from Dallas and the westerns and Cool Hand Luke, too. The Man with No Eyes from Cool Hand Luke is still very, very popular, and that’s 50 years, too. But it’s mostly Star Trek that people want me to sign pictures of, and I get that."

Our Favorite Exchange of Dialogue

Spock: "Does our involvement here also constitute a violation of the Prime Directive?"

Kirk: "We merely showed them the... meaning of what they were fighting for. Liberty and freedom have to be more than just words. Gentlemen, the fighting is over here. I suggest we leave them to discover their history... and their liberty."

Almost a Pilot

According to the Star Trek Compendium, drafts of "The Omega Glory," "Mudd's Women" and "Where No Man Has Gone Before" were among the scripts considered to serve in 1965 as the second Trek pilot. Ultimately, "Where No Man Has Gone Before" got the nod, and the rest is history.

Star Trek Will Return

When this episode aired, it did so amidst doubts that NBC would renew the show for a third season. But the fans won out, thanks to the letter-writing campaign spearheaded by Bjo and John Trimble. During the closing credits of "The Omega Glory," NBC revealed that Trek would be back for a third season, and the network implored fans to stop sending any further letters.

Leslie Lives!

Lt. Leslie died in "Obsession," the episode that aired a week before "The Omega Glory." Yet, there Leslie was, arresting Captain Tracey in "The Omega Glory." So, someone beat Spock to coming back from the dead.