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5 Things You Should Know About Discovery's Grudge

It's time for Space Catte 101.


Who would have thought that the breakout season three star would be a Maine Coon serving looks aboard Book’s ship? Over the last couple of weeks, Queen Grudge herself has taught us so much about being a Space Catte. From tardigrades in cocktail sauce to her love of Dame Maggie Smith, here are five things we know about Grudge Cat.

Meet Discovery's Newest Star: Grudge

1. Space Catte 101:

Grudge spends her days protecting Book’s ship from unwanted humans... like the current guest, Michael Burnham. She has her own opinions and a lot of advice to give.

2. Now Playing

Nothing says ‘moody cat’ like a good 80’s playlist. Grudge can often be found listening to the 1986 hit Word Up! by Cameo and daydreaming that Lovecats by The Cure is about her.

3. Hollywood Royalty

Grudge has compared herself to the likes of some of Hollywood’s most notable names. The Maine Coon has shared that she dreams of time traveling to live with Lena Horne, shape shifting into Dame Maggie Smith, and having dinner with Freddy Mercury.

How Star Trek: Discovery Learned to Hold a Grudge

4. A Love/Hate Relationship

Her Royal Highness Grudge doesn’t let just anyone on her ship. You must prove yourself and work your way into this friendship. She will barf in your shoe so you better work quick in earning her respect (lookin’ at you Burnham...).

5. World Class Foodie

HRH won’t share many secrets but she has divulged a few answers to those burning questions we keep asking: 1. Yes, tribbles taste like chicken; 2. Tardigrade + cocktail sauce = *chef’s kiss*

Space Catte Andorian Martinis have tardigrades instead of Olives.

— Grudge (@Grudge_Cat) October 28, 2020

For all things HRH Queen Grudge, Space Catte follow her on Twitter (@Grudge_Cat) and Instagram (@GrudgeCat)

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