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2014: A Preview of Simon & Schuster's Star Trek Novels

2014: A Preview of Simon & Schuster's Star Trek Novels

Four of the Star Trek novels released by Simon & Schuster in 2013 -- namely The Next Generation: Cold Equations: The Body Electric, and The Fall installments The Crimson Shadow, A Ceremony of Losses and The Poisoned Chalice -- reached the New York Times Bestseller List. And the future looks just as bright for fans of Star Trek novels, as Simon & Schuster has a full slate of Trek adventures lined up for 2014. The slate will run the gamut from The Original Series to Voyager to exciting crossovers. Here’s a look at things to come:

February: VOYAGER: PROTECTORS by Kirsten Beyer, featuring the continuing adventures in the Delta Quadrant, as well as the eNovella TITAN: ABSENT ENEMIES by John Jackson Miller, which takes place immediately after the events seen in the bestselling story arc THE FALL.

March: The epic Original Series/Voyager crossover NO TIME LIKE THE PAST by Greg Cox with Captain James T. Kirk meeting Seven of Nine.

April: Simon and Schuster will unveil Christopher L. Bennett’s continuing ENTERPRISE saga RISE OF THE FEDERATION: TOWER OF BABEL, as well as Michael A. Martin’s Original Series eNovella SEASONS OF LIGHT AND DARKNESS.

May: James Kirk returns to the planet Neural (as seen in the episode “A Private Little War”) in the Original Series novel SERPENTS IN THE GARDEN by Jeff Mariotte.

June: Fans can peruse STAR TREK: THE LOST ERA: ONE CONSTANT STAR, by David R. George III—an untold tale of John Harriman, Demora Sulu, and the crew of the Enterprise-B.

July: Data returns in Jeffrey Lang’s sequel to the bestselling Star Trek: The Next Generation trilogy COLD EQUATIONS in the all-new novel THE LIGHT FANTASTIC, while Scott Pearson presents an Original Series eNovella, THE MORE THINGS CHANGE.

August & September: The eagerly-anticipated, post-VANGUARD, book-only series SEEKERS with Book #1, SECOND NATURE, by David Mack in tandem with Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore for Book #2, POINT OF DIVERGENCE.

And that’s just a tease. Keep an eye on for news about the rest of Simon & Schuster’s 2014 Star Trek books, as well as for interviews, exclusive FIRST LOOKS at the covers, and also first-person features about the books by the authors.