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2013 In Review: The Year's Coolest Star Trek Products, Part 1

2013 In Review: The Year's Coolest Star Trek Products, Part 1

2013 brought with it a galaxy of Star Trek products of all shapes and sizes. Pretty much there was something for everybody. We're talking everything from onesies, books and soundtracks to games, toys and glassware. There were so many products, in fact, that we've decided to break our annual roundup of products into two parts. Below is part one, and visit again tomorrow to read part two. And we'll look back at 2013's Blu-rays and novels in upcoming 2014 preview pieces.

Your own personalized Star Trek figure? 3D Systems' made it so, allowing fans to customize full-color 3D printed products and collectibles. Available in uniforms from both The Original Series and The Next Generation, fans can choose their own rank, pose, and whether they’ll be human. Figures stand 5.5” tall and have a ceramic feel. Click HERE to see the options.

La-La Land Records released the STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE COLLECTION. A limited-edition 4-CD soundtrack set, it features five hours of music from all seven seasons of DS9, as composed by Dennis McCarthy, Jay Chattaway, John Debney, Richard Bell, Gregory Smith and Paul Baillargeon. VisitLa-La Land Records.

ThinkGeek introduced a wildly popular Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Glassware Set. Each glass weighs 8 ounces and has a 7-ounce capacity. And the glasses are etched with the Starfleet Command Division Insignia and the ship's name and registry. Click HERE to order.

ThinkGeek then took its beloved Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter to the next level... or the Next Generation, actually. The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D Pizza Cutter takes the perfectly round blade and separates it from the elliptical saucer section, letting you slice D-licious pizza. Click HERE to visit

STAR TREK The Visual Dictionary, released by DK, is a visual exploration of the Star Trek universe, spanning all five of the Star Trek series (and the first 10 feature films) and jumping from A (for Andorians) to V (for Vidiians). The Visual Dictionary also boasts full-color photos, including rarely seen material from the CBS archives, as well as detailed descriptions of characters, aliens (their culture and behavior), technology and ships. The 96-page hardcover also features a foreword by John de Lancie, The Next Generation’s Q. Available now in stores and in the Shop.

Shiverware and CBS Interactive found some perfect harmony as they unveiled a Star Trek Vulcan Harp app for iPad, available in the Apple App Store. It’s a replica of Spock’s harp that features a rich, inlaid wood detail and moving starfield background, as well as 15 vibrating strings (each identified to make song-playing easy), 5 instrument sounds (veering from futuristic to classic harp) and a large 6-and-a-half octave range in 5 octave banks. Custom controls enable multi-level distortion and reverberation.

Hasbro lifted the veil on its Star Trek Into Darkness KRE-O sets. The U.S.S. Vengeance, for example, includes 326 pieces to build an eighteen-inch ship version of the villain ship. Special features include a cockpit that opens, a “Lighttech Illuminated Stealth Light” and warp engines. The ship can fire two on-board projectiles and includes four Kreon figures including Scotty and three villains. The entire Hasbro line of Star Trek Into Darkness KRE-O Sets is available at Toys R Us.

Among our absolute favorite products in 2013, Mighty Fine offered a trio of Starfleet onesies. Made from 100 percent cotton, they come in Starfleet red, blue and yellow, and are available in two sizes (6-12 months and 12-18 months).

The Star Trek Golf Collection, available now in the Shop, includes an array of Original Series-themed products for those who play the links. Among the products are Star Trek Golf Balls, Star Trek Uniform Golf Covers and a Star Trek Divot Tool (in the shape of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701), with the balls and covers available in Engineering Red, Science Blue and Command Gold. The products come separately as well as in special bundles.

[x]cube GAMES and YesGnome joined forces for Star Trek Trexels, a new mobile game that allows iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users to enlist in Starfleet and command their own starship. A temporal rift has caused old enemies and surprising new allies to head into an uncharted region of space, and there, in the 8-bit Trexelian Expanse, players navigate a ship they’ve built and lead a crew they’ve selected. They’ll encounter familiar Original Series and Next Generation characters and locations, as well as new aliens, crew members and planets. The game also boasts music from The Original Series, a user interface based on the iconic LCARS (Library Computer Access/Retrieval System) system and George Takei – Star Trek’s legendary Sulu – serving as narrator. Check out the game at iTunes.

Personalized Star Trek email addresses are now a reality. Fans can choose to be a Starfleet officer with, be stationed on the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 with the, explore the Final Frontier with, be assimilated with, cling to the Klingons with -- of they can take part in all five. Star Trek email addresses are available at

Bound in a beautiful clamshell case, Star Trek: Stellar Cartography: Starfleet Reference Library boasts 10 original, fully removable maps and detailed information about the galaxy’s key players, so that Trek fans can navigate through Federation space like never before. Detailed maps include a Romulan government map of the Empire, a Cardassian Union map from the time of Bajor’s occupation, a Klingon map and an ancient Vulcan map. Available exclusively at

Anovos introduced a line of The Next Generation ties. Produced from a woven cotton blend, they're available in “Picard” burgundy and “Data” gold. Sold individually or in a bundled set, the ties come complete with a miniaturized magnetic communicator badge that is removable and can be taken off at your command. Available exclusively at

This one got tails waggings: A Crowded Coop introduce the first-ever Star Trek: The Original Series Pet Product Collection. It features dog collars, dog leashes, water and food bowls, dog beds and dog toys, all with a Star Trek flair. Available at

The Juan Ortiz Star Trek: The Original Series Art Prints have been - and still are - available on prints, as well as on tee-shirts, shots glasses and more. One of the year's highlights, however, was the release of The Art of Juan Ortiz, an oversized coffee table book that gathers together all of Ortiz's TOS Art Prints. It is a thing of beauty. Available at national book retailers.

Star Trek: The Original Topps Trading Card Series is available now from Abrams ComicArt. Veteran Star Trek historians and authors Paula M. Block and Terry J. Erdmann lovingly assembled this 216-page hardcover book that celebrates the 1976 set of Star Trek Trading Cards that captured the essence of The Original Series in pictures and words (and, of course, came with a stick of gum). Available at national book retailers.

Visit again tomorrow to read part two of our 2013 Coolest Star Trek Products Roundup.