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15-CD TOS Soundtrack Collection Due Out This Fall

15-CD TOS Soundtrack Collection Due Out This Fall

For all those Star Trek fans out there who’ve waited years and years – and years – and clamored for someone to release ALL of the music from the original Star Trek series, we’re pleased to tell you that your wait is just about over. This fall, La-La Land Records will unveil Star Trek: The Original Series Soundtrack Collection, a limited-edition 15-CD box set featuring every episode score heard throughout the show’s three-year run. The music – as composed by Alexander Courage, George Durning, Jerry Fielding, Gerald Fried, Sol Kaplan, Samuel Matlovsky, Joseph Mullendore and Fred Steiner -- has been remastered from studio elements and will include hours of fantastic material not previously available in any format.

Star Trek historian and film music journalist Jeff Bond has penned a 100-page booklet of in-depth liner notes, and the booklet and the set’s 15 CDs will come housed in a hardcover slipcase. La-La Land Records has yet to determine how many units of the collection will be pressed and is inviting fans to help determine that number by visiting and signing up for the Star Trek: TOS Soundtrack Collection mailing list.

“For 45 years, those like me who love this music could only dream about having it all,” album producer Lukas Kendall said. “This is the major, historical piece of sci-fi music, television music and pop culture music that we have always wanted to release in a definitive form for the collector.” Added executive album producer and La-La Land Records president MV Gerhard, “A majority of the music featured in this set has never been released. Of that unreleased music, there is a fairly large percentage that no one has ever heard because it was written and recorded for the show, but never featured in the episodes.”

Referring to some of those previously unreleased tracks, album music editor Neil S. Bulk noted, “No original music from season three, apart from the main title, has ever been released. It’s really distinct and definitely Star Trek… It’s what people have always wanted.”

Stay tuned to for details about the release date, number of units to be pressed, pricing and other details about Star Trek: The Original Series Soundtrack Collection, and also be sure to visit