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100th Official Starships Collection Ship Is... U.S.S. Horizon

100th Official Starships Collection Ship Is... U.S.S. Horizon

The Official Star Trek Starships Collection, from Eaglemoss, crosses the 100th ship threshold with the release of the Daedalus-Class U.S.S. Horizon. The product, which was first made available to fans attending Star Trek Las Vegas earlier this month, was chosen as the collection’s “Centennial Edition” due to its connection to the earliest concept illustrations of Star Trek designer Matt Jefferies, concepts that evolved into the original U.S.S. Enterprise NC-1701 that’s been blazing trails across science fiction fandom for more than 50 years.

The U.S.S. Horizon, within canon, was one of the first Starfleet ships to explore deep space after the inception of the Federation. She ventured to the Sigma Iotia II in the 22nd century and may have been responsible for that planet’s population’s eventual adoption of the gang culture of mid-20th century Chicago, as seen in the TOS episode “A Piece of the Action”.

As with all entries in the Official Star Trek Starships Collection, every possible detail has been scaled down and painstakingly reproduced for this model, from individual windows and docking ports to phaser strips and running lights. Eaglemoss’s U.S.S. Horizon also comes with its own collector’s display stand and an accompanying 20-page magazine. The magazine’s pages reveal the Horizon’s history and examine both the early days of space exploration in Star Trek and the beginnings of the Federation.

Regular subscribers to the Collection received the U.S.S. Horizon as part of their subscription, and now all fans can purchase the ship directly from the Eaglemoss Shop at or at leading comic shops and pop culture specialty stores.