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10 Modern Collectibles You Won't Want to Miss

Add these Trek toys to your collection ASAP!

Star Trek toys

Star Trek is far from a stranger to the world of toys and collectibles. From the original AMT Enterprise model kit to the extensive and long running Playmates action figure line of the 1990's, this is a franchise that has been taking up its fair share of retail space.

And yet, even after more than five decades, fans continue to clamor for new and exciting items from across the final frontier.

We live in a golden age of toy collecting. One where technology has been harnessed to give collectors some of the most realistic plastic representations of pop culture's biggest names. Premium paint work, state of the art sculpting and photo real facial tech have merged together to form characters so lifelike you'd almost swear they'd been beamed right off of the television screen and on to the toy shelf.

What follows now is a list of cool toys and collectibles that Star Trek fans can add to their collections right now! And, the best part is, you won't have to hop on a starship and travel across the cosmos to obtain them!

Now, please note that this does not represent a definitive list of the best Star Trek merchandise available. That is something I feel will vary from the tastes of person to person. That said, this list does feature some of my personal favorites as a fan and collector. However, I also hope it best represents the variety of Star Trek collectibles available on the market today, while also enticing you to seek out something strange and new for your own collection!

Star Trek (2009)

Carrying on a legacy that stretches back to the days of Art Asylum, these fantastic figures from Diamond Select Toys perfectly capture Chris Pine's Kirk and Zachary Quinto's Spock in 7" scale. Answering a near ten year call by fans for screen accurate plastic representations of these characters, each is loaded with details that range from textured uniforms to sculpted Starfleet badges. Additionally, both are articulate figures and each come packaged alongside multiple accessories that fans are sure to appreciate. Bottom line, these are some of the very best modern day Star Trek figures around! Here is hoping it won't be too long before the likes of McCoy, Uhura, Sulu and the rest of the Kelvin timeline crew join this iconic dynamic duo!

Star Trek: The Original Series - Star Trek: The Next Generation

Like those above, these pieces from McFarlane Toys are some of the very best modern Star Trek figures available today! They may not have the same level of articulation, or the vast number of accessories, as the Diamond Select figures, but these McFarlane toys are crafted from quality materials and feature some of the most strikingly realistic facial sculpts to be seen on a 7" figure. Here’s hoping there are plans to expand the line beyond Kirk and Picard! With years’ worth of experience in the industry, McFarlane Toys could very well end up giving fans one of the best Star Trek figure lines from here to Gamma VI if these initial releases are anything to go by.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Where does one even begin when discussing the sixth scale Star Trek figures from QMx? They offer a wide variety of 12" characters ranging from Scotty to Sulu, but it is Captain Picard that wins my vote hands down! From the hand painted face to the tailored Starfleet uniform, this is a winner in every sense of the word! Add to that leather like shoes, magnetic holsters, a wide array of articulation and a nice selection of accessories that even includes a signature cup of Earl Grey tea, and you've got one of the neatest Star Trek figures you can own for under $200.

Star Trek: The Original Series

Diamond Select Toys has been churning out electronic Star Trek ships since their Art Asylum days. And none is more iconic than the original U.S.S. Enterprise! While several versions of this beloved starship have been released over the years, it is the 50th anniversary edition that takes top prize! Measuring 14" long and sitting atop a plastic flight stand, this upgraded version sports new surface detailing as well as longer voice clips and new light-up capabilities that display incredibly well in any collection. It is the ultimate version of one of pop culture's most beloved ships and, at just $65, you won't have to work too many nights at Quark's bar in order to afford it.

Star Trek: The Original Series

The perfect companion piece for the original U.S.S. Enterprise, Diamond Select Toys brings fans the Romulan Bird Of Prey! Measuring 9" long and sporting a 12" wingspan, distinctive underbelly markings and an iconic low profile, this anniversary edition ship features dialogue and sound effects taken straight from the original television series. Special packaging and additional light-up and sound capabilities, as well as an included flight stand, make this one a must own for any fan!

Star Trek: The Original Series

Okay, so perhaps you're more into prop replicas than toys or action figures. If that's the case, check out the Star Trek Communicator! Based off of its original ‘60s design and hailing from the Diamond Select Toys Trek Tek line, this handy little tool is a must own for any Starfleet hopeful! This version features lights, sound effects and clips taken right from the original Star Trek television show - and even sports a rotating moiré pattern! You can even send out a distress signal and have Mr. Spock call you back! Okay, yes there are flashier versions out there, but this one covers all the important stuff and is easily the best bang for buck replica around!

Star Trek: The Original Series

Keeping with the replica theme, I couldn't do this list justice without touching on the incredible insignia badges from the folks over at QMx. Priced at a mere $15, and encompassing numerous Starfleet divisions, each is made up of a sturdy zinc alloy and burnished with different metallic hues. In addition, each one uses a strong short-field magnet that allows the badge to be worn on numerous different fabrics ranging from leather to suede. Whether you're into cosplay or just appreciate an affordable screen accurate replica, these are the badges for you!

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Collectible busts have always been popular, and thanks to the folks at Eaglemoss the characters of the Star Trek Universe have become some of the most sought after. The Benjamin Sisko bust continues to remain one of my absolute favorites. Measuring about 6" tall, the hand painted piece is crafted from a special metallic resin and sees the Deep Space 9 commander ready for action and shouldering a type-3 phaser rifle. All of these Star Trek busts are great, offering up many quality crafted fan-favorite characters. Each also comes complete with an informative magazine that offers up plenty of interesting details surrounding some of the Star Trek universe's biggest names. And, on top of everything else, they make a great gift for any fan!

Star Trek: The Original Series

MEGO was the top dog when it came to Star Trek figures during the ‘70's and ‘80's, offering up superbly sculpted, fully articulated and affordable characters that fans simply couldn't get enough of. Four decades later and the retro fever can be experienced once again! Available through Target, Walmart and other online specialty retailers, the beloved brand has returned with Star Trek leading the charge and offering up everything fans loved about the originals. Fabric uniforms, realistic sculpting, colorful accessories. These new 8" figures are certain to scratch the retro itch of long time Trekkers, while also allowing a new generation of fans and collectors to experience some of the very best Star Trek figures to hit store shelves for the very first time. And, they'll even be expanding to include signature characters from Star Trek: The Next Generation in the very near future!

Star Trek: The Original Series

From Furbys to Tamagotchis, virtual pets have etched out a niche that is here to stay. Science Division's new Electronic Tribble takes everything fans love about these creations and gives it a hefty dose of final frontier flavor that is certain not to be lost on Trekkers - especially those with a flair for the little fluff balls! They trill. They purr. They shriek. And, once paired with the free Section K-7 companion app, they can even be named and assigned a base of operations in their ongoing war against sinister Klingon agents. Not enough? Well, they're also super life-like. You can use the app to make them scream at people. They can be placed on guard duty, used to trick friends and are softer than Harry Mudd's hairline! No Star Trek collection is complete without one of these fantastic little fuzzies guarding its ranks! They're seriously unlike anything you've ever seen!

10 Modern Collectibles You Won't Want to Miss

Granted, this is but a small sampling of the Star Trek merchandise available to fans and collectors today. As can be seen, there is a little something for everyone, and, with new shows like Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard burning up the airwaves, there is little doubt that more toys, collectibles and replicas will soon be seeing the light of day! So, while times have indeed changed in the more than five decades since Gene Roddenberry's timeless tale first graced television screens, there is no doubting that there are plenty of ways to bring the fun and excitement of the final frontier home with you.

Until next time! Live Long. Prosper. And, keep on collecting!

Special thanks to Absolutely Retro, Big Bad Toy Store, Diamond Select Toys, McFarlane Toys, MEGO, QMx and Science Division for helping make this article possible!

John DeQuadros (he/him) is a writer and toy photographer based in Ontario, Canada. You can find a portfolio of his work on Instagram & Twitter right now @RipRocketPix