GALLERY: Making First Contact with the Borg Across the Star Trek Universe

From TNG to Lower Decks

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GALLERY: Making First Contact with the Borg Across the Star Trek Universe

The Borg, who play a key role in Earth's first contact with the Vulcans, have been antagonists in multiple Star Trek shows throughout the franchise. We're counting down the multiple first contacts that the various crews have had with the Borg Collective over the years, from their first ever franchise appearance to their more animated side.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation - "Q Who?"

The Borg made their Star Trek debut in Star Trek: The Next Generation season two. As Picard faced off against them for the first time, his overtures of peace were ignored and ultimately he had to turn to Q for help. The Borg would later provide the franchise with one of television's most memorable cliffhangers in "The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1," when Picard himself is assimilated and Riker is forced to fire upon his captain. That moment would go on to define Picard as a character, and set the stage for the Borg being formidable foes throughout the franchise.

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Star Trek: Voyager - "Unity"

While the Borg technically first appear in Star Trek: Voyager in the episode "Blood Fever" when Chakotay discovers a Borg drone skeleton, their first major appearance is in the season three episode "Unity." The Borg would go on to play a large role in Voyager, including the introduction of Borg drone turned crewmember Seven of Nine, a character who would play a large role in both Voyager and Star Trek: Picard.

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Star Trek: First Contact

It would be impossible to talk about the Borg without discussing Star Trek: First Contact. While it isn't the first time the TNG crew has encountered the Borg, it is the Borg's attempt at foiling one of humanity's greatest moments, as well as the first contact with the villainous Borg Queen. Watching the Queen face off against Picard and Data is truly a treat for fans.

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Star Trek: Enterprise - "Regeneration"

A direct sequel to Star Trek: First Contact, the Borg ship that fell to Earth and froze in the Arctic was thawed by researchers, leading to the Federation's actual First Contact with the Borg. The drones send a message to the Borg in the Delta Quadrant that T'Pol theorizes will be heard in 200 years... meaning that the Borg's failed attempt to undermine humanity's first contact ultimately is what draws them to the Alpha Quadrant in the first place. Talk about a paradox!

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Star Trek: Picard - "Remembrance"

The Artifact in Star Trek: Picard was none other than a Borg Cube disconnected from the Collective. The Cube first appeared at the end of the pilot, "Remembrance," and set up a season-long story that tackled Picard's trauma in-depth as an ex-Borg (or xB) as the captain reckoned with what his past meant for his future.

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Star Trek: Lower Decks - "I, Excretus"

The Borg haven't made a full appearance on Star Trek: Lower Decks yet, but they did appear in a holoprogram that Boimler was determined to beat during a routine Starfleet test. For a while, he was able to rescue Borg babies, but ultimately he was assimilated by the Borg Queen herself. Still, if the Cerritos ever runs into the Collective, at least Boimler's ready.

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