Lee Meriwether was Miss America 1955 and then Buddy Ebsen’s partner Betty Jones on his Barnaby Jones detective series—and the deadly yet somber Losira of “That Which Survives“ as well.

Nominated for an Emmy and twice for the Golden Globe for barnaby Jones, Meriwether. also played Catwoman for the Batman TV movie of 1966, Dr. Ann MacGregor for The Time Tunnel, and was even a fill-in IMF agent on Mission: Impossible. 

So it was that the Los Angeles native raised in San Fransisco was a bit of a catch for Star Trek when she appeared in 1969—even if the NBC censors demanded the producers initially have her exposed belly-button covered on her costume!

After a full career of film and TV roles, including three later years as Lily Munster in The Munsters Today and a long-running turn as Ruth Martin on the daytime All My Children through its end, Meriweather remains active today with charity work and her one-woman show of 24 characters, The Women of Spoon River.