Maquis raider

An abortive raid on the Bryma colony used two of these warp-capable craft, pumped up with recently acquired photons — the only two ships in the Maquis' posession which could handle them.

Maquis raiders feature a cramped cabin for its a crew of two, with the pilot seated to port. The ships are of Federation design. For the Bryma raid, a phaser emitter was located just under the forward nose, and photon torpedoes were fired from a forward tube. Despite its small size, a fuel line could rupture and not be catastrophic. Systems could be easily reconfigured, even under duress. At least part of the power reactor is in impulse generators.

Although it is not yet certain, one of these ships may have been the Federation-built support cruiser, used by United Federation of Planets colonists only days earlier.

Chakotay's Maquis vessel was of the most common designs. Its engine, at least, is 39 years old (from 2332) and has been rebuilt once.