Film and Broadway legend Frank Langella played Minister Jaro Essa, a wonderfully complex “bad guy” Bajoran in the opening DS9 Season 2 trilogy that opened with “The Homecoming.” 

For many, Langella’s first big splash of fame came from playing his Tony-nominated title role of both the Broadway hit and later movie version of Dracula. Edward Albee’s Seascape won him the first of three Tony awards, followed by Fortune’s Fool and most recently Frost/Nixon, playing the troubled former president. Langella, who received an Oscar nomination for the film version as well, also has a long screen resume that includes The Twelve Chairs, Masters of the Universe, Dave, Good Night and Good Luck, and Superman returns, but he has chosen to maintain his career focus on stage roles. A 1938 native of Bayonne, N.J.,  he also has an Off-Broadway Obie Award for The White Devil.