Earth beverage made from ground, roasted beans and valued for its caffeinated lift. It is often consumed in the morning.

It was a beverage often served on Kirk's Enterprise bridge and programmed into its food units. On the Enterprise-D, Miles O'Brien begged off having coffee with Gillespie in Ten-Forward, saying he's drunk too much lately. Wesley Crusher only asked Robin Lefler for a "coffee date" in Ten-Forward, but she upped the invitation to dinner. Sisko's favorite beverage was hard to come by when the replicators and Deep Space Nine in general seemed to be breaking down all at once. O'Brien drinks his black, doublesweet; Sisko drinks his black. Keiko knows O'Brien never drinks coffee after noon, which is why she realized the T'Lani security tape with a morning time index was faked. Kira likes it a tad on the hot side. Janeway would rather use a replicator ration for coffee than try a Neelix substitute, but she gave in to it as an example — her hunger for coffee sent the ship into a living nebula by mistake.