WizKids/NECA’s new Star Trek strategic combat game is Star Trek: Fleet Captains, designed by Mike Elliott and Ethan Pasternack. Fleet Captains is available now and, in today’s guest blog, WizKids/NECA beams you deep into the game’s inner workings.

Take on the role of Klingon High Council or Starfleet Command as you send out your ships and crew to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations and to boldly go where no one has gone before. Attempt to complete science missions, gain influence with local inhabitants and engage in combat missions that change with every game. Every location is a new discovery and possibly a new challenge as giant space amoebas, Tribbles and even Q make appearances. Designed for two or four players, with 12 different ships for each faction (24 in total), plus more 370 cards… there is no telling who or what might show up in Star Trek: Fleet Captains.

Make whatever map layout you want and play with only one, some or all 12 ships on each side. Modify your ships and chances by deploying your Command Deck, which contains tricks and crew. Crew come in four types: Captains, Officers, Engineers and Specialists (featuring some very well-known personalities). While other Star Trek games may feel like an episode, Fleet Captains feels like a season; decisions you make will have long-term consequences as you attempt to gain sector supremacy before your opponent can do so.

While all this makes Fleet Captains a greatly entertaining Star Trek experience, what really sets it apart is its starships. Beautifully sculpted and drawing from all of your favorite Trek properties, these 24 ships use the patented HeroClix Dial. The HeroClix Dial allows you to adjust your Power Reserves between your core systems of Shields, Engines, Sensors and Weapons, giving you the ability to adapt your ships to whatever your needs may be in the moment. Full power to shields? Check. Need to cloak the Defiant to complete a mission deep in Klingon space? Got it. The best part is that damage and stats are both tracked on the HeroClix dial to keep record keeping clean and simple and the game moving along.

Whether you are a fan of the classic movies, The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager or Enterprise, all the adventure and excitement of Star Trek awaits you! Star Trek: Fleet Captains will be offered in one box with everything you need to play – either head’s up play or team play two versus two.

To learn more about Star Trek: Fleet Captains, click HERE.

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