Logically, we had to do a story on this one. Rose McGowan, the always fashion-forward former star of Charmed, appeared at the Fashion Los Angeles Awards last week decked out in an all-black ensemble complemented by one particularly fascinating accessory, a bright purple felt cap in the shape of a jagged bob haircut.

Anyone thinking it was somewhat Star Trek-esque would be on the money. In fact, the actress even tweeted, "I'm officially starting my awesome hat week. Tonight was 1930s Vulcan. #millinery." According to E! News, Katy Perry totally grokked the hat, telling McGowan as they waited for their respective cars, "I love your hat. It's so cute. When I saw you I didn't know it was you, and I thought, 'That lady must be in fashion.'" 

So, what do YOU make of McGowan's fashion statement?

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