Well, it seems many, many, many Star Trek fans think Will Riker had the right stuff. For our latest StarTrek.com poll we asked Which TNG crew member would have made the best captain? Riker outshone the competition by a landslide. In fact, Number One was REALLY number one, tallying more votes than Worf, Data, Geordi, Dr. Crusher or Tasha Yar combined. Here are the precise results, in order: Riker (56%), Data (22%), Worf (8%), Geordi (6%), Dr. Crusher (5%) and Yar (3%).

And here are some of what your fellow TNG fans had to say in their comments on our Facebook page:

"RIKER, RIKER and only RIKER." -- Sue Eski

"I love Next Gen, but I always thought that Riker had an arrogant bully streak in him. Dr Crusher!" -- Josephine M. Cox

"Riker did get his own ship, the Titan. It was mentioned in the film Nemesis." -- Pamela March

"Of course he would be the best captain. Whenever he took command in TNG, things got done. He has the right combination of all the traits that make a good leader." -- Garth Palmer

"Captain Riker sounds good. I would definitely watch that." -- Tom Higgins

And, here's one more:

"Data all the way." -- Melodie Smith

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