The Toronto Film Festival's second Trek Talks presentation, "Bridging Science and the Arts," took place on October 13, and welcomes fans to watch the whole 1-hour and 48-minute session. Presented in partnership with CBS and the Canadian Space Agency, TIFF's Trek Talks feature roundtable discussions and keynote presentations that consider the influence of Star Trek in the areas of television, film, technology, space exploration, education, politics and social justice.

This engaging roundtable conversation on Star Trek and science education brings together Sonny Kohli, physician and co-founder of Cloud DX, Canadian astronaut Jeremy Hansen, and STEAMLabs co-founder and Managing Director at the Royal Ontario Museum Marianne Mader, to consider how science can inspire art and art can inspire science, and how film and television projects like Star Trek can inspire careers in space, technology, math, arts and engineering fields.

The next event, Trek Talks: Lawrence Kraus on Star Trek and Science, will be held on November 2. Visit for details about that Trek Talk and others as well.

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