Vulcan’s latest and greatest attraction, the Trekcetera Museum, officially opens for business today, August 2. Vulcan, in this instance, is Vulcan, Alberta, Canada. And the Trekcetera Museum, located near Vulcan’s replica Enterprise, boasts such Star Trek memorabilia and artifacts as screen-used props, costumes and pre-production items utilized for the many Star Trek series and feature films.

For those eager to visit the Trekcetera Museum, it’s located at 118-2nd Avenue S. Vulcan, with Vulcan itself situated between Calgary and Lethbridge. Vulcan, as many fans know, is also home to the Spock Days Festival, an annual event held the second week of June. Vulcan will celebrate its 100th anniversary this weekend, with the Trekcetera Museum’s grand opening among the highlights.

During the grand opening, the Trekcetera Museum will be dedicated to Gene and Majel Roddenberry. Additionally, the Roddenberry’s son, Rod, has recorded a video that will be played at the opening ceremony.

Click HERE to visit the Trekcetera Museum’s official site.


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