The Enterprise has always been a versatile ship, but now, in the form of a Star Trek Cutting Board, the NCC-1701 is ready to serve up hors-d’oeuvres. Newly available in the Star Trek Shop here at and priced at $59.95, the Star Trek Cutting Board doubles as a cheese plate and a sleek cutting board. The design, as Spock might say, is fascinating -- and inspired. A cheese knife and cheese fork seamlessly tuck away into the board as the engines, while the base and utensil handles have small magnets to help keep them in place when moving around. The base also features cracker slots to keep crackers in place, and the ship is laser-etched into the top with accurate details. To get the most use out of the product, simply flip over the vessel for cheese and crackers and use the base as a full sized cutting board.

The Star Trek Cutting Board is made from durable and sustainable Bamboo. As noted, it includes a cheese knife and cheese fork. Lastly, it's a hand-wash-only product, so it should be dried thoroughly before storing. Go to to purchase.

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