Trevco has just unveiled a quartet of Star Trek uniforms tee shirts that are available now on and come with exclusive stickers. All of the shirts are made of 100% cotton, have been pre-shrunk and can be purchased in sizes ranging from small to 5XL. First up is a red Star Trek Engineering Uniform Shirt with Liquid Gold Ink, and it comes with Scotty and engineering/security insignia stickers.

Next, there's a blue Star Trek Science Uniform Shirt with Liquid Gold Ink, and it comes with Spock and sciences/medical insignia stickers.

And then there's a yellow Star Trek Command Uniform with Liquid Gold Ink, and it comes with Kirk and command insignia stickers.

Beam up the dark blue Star Trek USS Enterprise T-Shirt, which features a side view of the Enterprise between the words U.S.S. Enterprise and registry number NCC-1701. It comes with TOS cast and Starfleet delta shield stickers.

Finally, there is a Live Long and Prosper Bundle, which features a light blue T-Shirt with Spock on it and says, "Live Long and Prosper." It comes with Spock and Starfleet delta shield stickers. 

Go HERE for the engineering shirt, HERE for the science shirt, HERE for the command shirt and HERE for the Enterprise shirt.

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