A core feature in Star Trek Timelines is the multiple versions of our favorite Star Trek characters from every television series and The Original Series and The Next Generation movies. We’ve highlighted this before with our three launch versions of Captain Janeway (well, technically, one of them is Queen Arachnia). And today, we’re excited to share two variants of Hikaru Sulu in the form of Lt. Sulu and Fencing Sulu.

Lt. Sulu in Timelines

Before his promotion to Starfleet captain, Lt. Sulu was a command division officer aboard the USS Enterprise. Serving as a starship helmsmen and a security officer, his downtime was often spent in the ship’s botany room, tending to a myriad of flora.

From time to time, Lt. Sulu assumed command of the Enterprise when Captain James T. Kirk, First Officer Commander Spock and Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott served on landing parties or were otherwise occupied. These moments, as much as his experience, helped forge Sulu’s personal suite of skills and traits.


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