It's time for another visit to the Star Trek Vault, our semi-regular feature in which we dip into our closet of Star Trek press kits, promotional items and collectibles. Today, we've dug out a Deep Space Nine press kit, this one sent to writers and media outlets in advance of the show's sixth season. The idea, of course, was to convince editors to commission stories about the show and its stars and specifically the season opener, "A Time to Stand, which would air on September 29, 1997.

As was the norm at the time for press kits, the packet included printed materials about the show and its cast and crew. Also included were a slew of black and white 8x10 photos, with one featuring the full cast and the others individual shots of each actor in costume. And for magazines, or newspapers that used color at the time, Paramount also enclosed color slides of those same photos.

Just for fun, took a few minutes to see if we could find such a kit selling on eBay. The answer was no. However, a season 5 kit was for sale, priced at $50.
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