Kirk, Spock, Janeway, Data and more are in some really good company. Hero Complex magazine recently released The Sci-Fi 50, a list of 50 characters that, in their words, “made television sci-fi what it is today.” Characters from across the Star Trek spectrum dominated the list. In fact, a whopping eight Trek characters joined the likes of Lt. Kara “Starbuck” Thrace, Carl Kolchak, Fox Mulder, Beldar Conehead, Dr. Zachary Smith, Sarah Connor, The Doctor, Col. Steven Austin, River Tam and Walter Bishop. The great eight from Trek? They’d be Kirk, Spock, Data, Kira Nerys, Q, Worf, Picard and Janeway.

Kirk, for example, was described as “a restless seeker and cold-space warrior, an interstellar tomcat and loyal friend… an Iowa gambler who was never neutral but always in the zone.” Janeway “was the toughest boss in Gene Roddenberry’s sci-fi future.” Of Spock, Hero Complex asked, “Is Spock the greatest alien in TV history? Our tricorder readers say yes. The Vulcan gets it because he was a pure TV creation and the work of a single actor, Leonard Nimoy.”

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